Friday, April 10, 2015

Jennifer Lawrence, Queen Of Grimace: Evidence In Pictures

Jennifer Lawrence picture
Jennifer Lawrence is a true follower faces, and each new public appearance is an excuse to show his talents. The American star did not take just seriously!

From his first public appearances, Jennifer Lawrence is known to be a little different, both in terms of facial expressions as his original statements. Focus on the top faces of the actress.
Celebrity makes some nice figures, more classes, more glamorous ... and then there was Jennifer Lawrence. At 24, the actress has decided to make grimaceshis trademark. Result, it does not happen a public event without the beautiful blonde has them big eyes, his mouth twisted in any direction or makes the clown.

And to amuse the gallery, star of The Hunger Games will stop at nothing! She wants to step outside while avoiding the paparazzi? Easy, just press a hat to the nose to be noticed! She wants to pass a subtle message to his best enemies? She buys abranded umbrella of a huge middle finger and points in the direction of the photographers!

Grimaces however are only the visible part of the iceberg: humor, Jennifer Lawrence knows well, and is even the first to laugh at itself. After falling in coming back his Oscar in 2013, the beautiful said she had just been devolved because " she thought obsessively to the word "cake". Original! And when she felt ill when she was partying with Madonna , it's Miley Cyrus who has seen fit to give advice to stay."Pull yourself together," said the singer seeing the actress vomit on the stairs. But ultimately, is it not natural that impulsivity and we like both at the girlfriend of Chris Martin ?

Find the most beautiful faces of Jennifer Lawrence in picture!

A beautiful love story is she being born? It seems that the actor Nicholas Hoult spotted in the series Skins and actress Glee, Dianna Agron, have both decided to forget their respective ex Jennifer Lawrence and Thomas Cocquerel.! According to British newspaper The Sun, the two young people have started going out for some time.

source image by photo idols blog.